javascript visual keyboard qwerty & azerty

beta version by iop
jsKeyboard need jQuery to work. Download jsKeyboard.js

jsKeyboard is displayed after the first right click or double left click (added for Opera 10.10) on an input who has a "jsKeyboard" class.
A second right click on this input will display the original contextual menu.

To close jsKeyboard, click on the close button on the bottom right of the jsKeyboard.
A click on the tabulation button will close the jsKeyboard too.

Default jsKeyboard (qwerty):

<input type="text" class="jsKeyboard" />

For azerty jsKeyboard: add tag lang="fr"

<input type="text" class="jsKeyboard" lang="fr" />

You can also call the function jsKeyboard(bEnable) on a jQuery object,
with bEnable=true to add jsKeyboard or bEnable=false to remove:


or with all text inputs:



jsKeyboard has been tested with:

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